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Our Activities

  • Music
  • Robotics
  • Theatre
  • Story telling
  • Dance



Music classes at The Banyan, best preschool in India are not just fun for children but they cultivate social skills, discipline and patience. The life at our day care is full of musical days and ev



Our robotic classes help young kidsin improving their creative thinking skills, social skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and computer programming skills.



Theatrical classes at our play school helps kids nurture their self-expression, empathy, compassion and confidence. They don’t just bring out the actor inside every child but helps him immensely

Story telling

Story telling

Storytelling can help revive the dying interest in reading. Most importantly it builds up vocabulary, instils virtues, verbal proficiency, and improves listening skills.



Dancing, besides being a lot of fun improves creativity, imagination, active lifestyle and even classroom performance. We, at The Banyan regularly conducts dance classes at all centres.

Corporate Day Care

How often have you had your employees take leave because their child was unwell and needed care? Well, The Banyan can help you help your employees. Research shows that providing childcare facilities at workplaces can prevent child-related sabbatical and boost employee morale.

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