We welcome you to The Banyan,a joint venture with Magellan Academies,USA,where your child’s educational journey of discovery, learning, exploration and fun becomes a reality..

There is nothing more endearing and precious than a child’s laughter, which emanates when the heart is brimming with happiness. We at The Banyan relate to this and therefore it forms the foundation of all our endeavors.

We understand the level of trust that is placed with our staff when a child is enrolled,our teachers and support staff are fully committed to providing the best possible safe, healthy and creative environment where children can develop, observe and learn, thus making learning a unique experience .

Our specially designed curriculum and the planning behind each teaching methodology will provide the most comprehensive learning..Our infrastructure is designed keeping in mind safety, security and high levels of hygiene in an absolute loving environment. Our focus is to create a benchmark in child care and development and I am confident that with our expertise, passion, care and a wealth of lively and stimulating experiences for our children, we will groom your children for the next stage of their life giving them a secured foundation.

Looking forward to a long association!

Swati Jain

The Banyan

With specially designed curriculum, and the new-age teaching methodologies, we groom our students for the life ahead.