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How to get your kids to listen without yelling?

If you are a parent, you know the agony of getting your child to listen. We all know that a small gentle request can very quickly take the form of yelling and protest. What’s important to understand that our children are not trying to question our authority, it doesn’t help to make it a power struggle. They just have too much on our mind because they are busy exploring the world. They don’t get the urgency to brush their teeth or take a bath right this minute. Your best bet would be to remove the authority hat and talk from a place of connection. Next time you want to get something done, try these following tips:

  • Make a connection: get down to the level of your child and make a connection before making a request
  • Don’t repeat: If you made a request and it has been denied, go back to step 1. First, establish a connection.
  • Use fewer words: Keep it short and crisp to catch his/her attention
  • Give choice: instead of barking orders, give them a choice. Something like, “Do you want to take a bath now or in five minutes?” can get you a better response than “Take a shower now.”
  • Stay calm: It would never help to raise your voice. When you raise your voice, they only hear the noise, not the words.

So, here it is, the five-point formula to get your child to listen. Establishing a connection is a must.

How to keep the chills away

Winters can be a crazy time for all of us, especially kids. Skin care is just the tip of the iceberg. As far as skin care is concerned, including a mustard oil massage after a bath can be especially healthy for the skin. But, besides skincare, this time can be tricky because of the viruses spread easily during winters. This can give rise to lots of winter infections such as influenza, bronchitis and a variety of other respiratory diseases. Therefore, it becomes especially important to take care of ourselves, especially kids during the winters. Here are some tried and tested methods to keep the chills away:

  • Layer up: Use several layers to dress up children and make sure their head, neck, and hands are covered. It is believed, kids should wear one extra layer than adults.
  • Wash hands: Make it a habit to wash their hands as soon as they come back from playground, daycare or anywhere outside. Adults, handling kids should wash their hand too.
  • Warm foods: Include warm foods such as sesame seeds, dry fruits and more. Increase intake of water and soups to keep them hydrated.
  • Saline drops: Try saline nose drops to keep the nasal passage moist and let any mucus out.
  • Citrus fruits: including citrus fruits can help fight infections. Make sure you offer fruits on a sunny day.
  • Some ancient remedies such as increasing intake of garlic and ginger in winter, sitopladi churan, and chyawanprash during winters can help build immunity.

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