1. The Banyan has been source of holistic happiness for my child’s overall development. The teachers and staff are very supportive. I won’t mind calling,The Banyan my child’s second home.

    Mrs. Vineeta Chouhan , Mother

  2. Services providing by Banyan are very good. Activities, Drama, Festival celebration are very helpful and innovative for children. I am very happy with Banyan.

    Preeti Jindal , Mother

  3. Great support by entire Day Care Team. Special Thanks to teachers and sisters in doing special efforts to celebrate festivals and do innovative and interesting Craft Week. Looking forward towards continued support.

    Rishe , Mother

  4. Time spend by Shruti in Creche is very useful and she is learning new things every day. Also, she is getting less ill which means that the present crèche is more concerned and caring towards children.

    Richa Mazumder , Mother

  5. Thank you The Banyan for keeping my baby with all the love and care.She always give them a tough time by not sleeping at all, but staff is so polite and patient to keep her happy all the time.Thank you so much for the great effort.

    Mrs. Aarti Sharma , Mother

  6. I would like to say – today I am a working woman because of ‘The Banyan’ only J, After dropping my daughter to the crèche staff, I can do my work without even thinking for her, because I am confident that she is happy there and crèche people will feed her properly.

    Mrs. Anita , Mother

  7. Given you our piece of our heart, wanted to treat it like prince of stars,Always get panicked when it get something like bite or a punch, yes it happens when there is time crunch,Knowing practically it makes strong, no one here is wrong,But it pricks like needle, in mind it sounds like riddle? Rushes to camera room to make sure, everything all right and nothing to take cure, Conducts parents meeting, lots of complains and lots of improvements, Oh let me give a pause, am not here to find a cause, Mental, physical pressure and all the time under a watch, it’s very tough to work always under a catch, You guys hard work is admirable, festival celebration is desirable, Your work schedule is tight, feeding kids is a big fight, Pooja2 J and Mausmi mam management, Parul mam to listen concerns always, With all didi’s efforts not to create chaos, All is worth for a big round of applause.

    Mrs. Sonam Singla , Mother