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How Is The Banyan Ensuring Your Child’s Safe Return To The Daycare Life?

11 March 2021

The Banyan Daycare centres had been closed for offline services for the most of the year- 2020, due to safety concerns ignited by the Covid 19 crisis.

But as offices have begun to reopen, we too have decided to open our daycares soon, so as to help working parents strike the perfect balance between successful careers and utmost care for their children.

The Banyan has put safety measures across all its centres to ensure a safe, corona-free learning and play experience for kids.

Why is it necessary to have daycares reopening?

With the offices reopening, the daycares still remaining shut could lead to some very difficult choices for the parents. Some of the parents might have to quit their job so as to stay back and take care of their kids. Others might decide to hire a full time nanny, but that can be an expensive option, as well as it is again a difficult choice to trust your child with a complete stranger. In majority of the cases, the choice to sacrifice the career comes down on the mother, which takes us further away from becoming a gender neutral and progressive society.

Therefore, to help parents to have the best of both worlds- job safety and a well cared-for child, as well as, to prevent any further widening of the gender gap, it is important for daycares to become functional again.

Our Steps Towards Children`s Safety

Any anxiety related to health-safety is understandable at this time. However, to minimize the worries of concerned parents, and to ensure a time-well-spent for kids at the daycares, we have set up some very stringent rules that we are firmly adhering by as an organization.

The following rules have been implemented across all Banyan daycare centres to ensure maximum health-safety:

1. Children`s seating arrangement has been organized as per social distancing norms. Every child remains 6 foot apart from every other child.

2. Entry for parents, guardians or any other visitors is restricted beyond the gate. Only children and staff can come inside the daycare centres.

3. Masks and gloves have to be mandatorily worn by all members of the staff at all times.

4. Sanitizer dispensers are set-up across multiple points within the daycares, including the entrance. The staff has been mandated to sanitize their hands a minimum of every 2 hours.

5. All members of the staff have to undergo daily temperature checks.

6. All surfaces, including furniture, walls, toys and learning material, and washrooms are thoroughly sanitized every morning.

7. The staff undergoes bi-weekly safety trainings.

8. Online payment of fees is being accepted so as to maintain the norm of minimum contact.

We hope that after going through our list of safety measures, you as a parent would be more confident to send your child to our daycares.

Our primary goal is to provide children a “home away from home”. Through our decision to reopen our daycare centres soon, we are continuing to re-affirm this goal.

If you have any queries regarding our services or our safety-provisions, please feel free to get in touch with us at

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