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How to have a joy-filled time with kids this New Year`s Eve?

29 December 2020

New Year`s Eve is a time for celebration, saying goodbye to the old, and looking forward to new, joyous times! In fact, a good New Year`s Eve is one where we already start creating the happy memories.

The fun and frolic of the evening makes it especially enjoyable for kids. However, with a global pandemic going on, we are left with limited options for things to do on this special occasion.

To make your life simpler, we have come up with 10 spectacular, home-bound ideas for making New Year`s Eve memorable for you and your little ones. Now you can welcome 2021 with loads of excitement and action!

1. Make a “Wish Jar”

A great bonding exercise, this New Year`s Eve, write down the hopes and dreams of each family member for the coming year and put it in a journal. This exercise is especially fun because you can open it exactly a year later and check which of the wishes came true, compare how your wishes have evolved, and see how you have grown as a person.

2. Start a “Blessings Journal”

The New Year`s Eve is the perfect symbolic junction between the Future and the Past. So as exciting as it is to look forward, we can also get to experience gratitude by looking back at the things that went right in the previous year. So, start a joint “family journal”, where each one of can count and acknowledge your blessings for last year, by writing them down in the journal.

3. Have a zoom party

Don`t let social-distancing spoil your and the kids` party-mood! Invite friends and relatives for an online party, and take part in dance, games, some playful banter and much more!

4. Share your abundance

Start your New Year with a meaningful act of giving. Declutter and pick out things you don`t need any longer or that you feel will be more useful to someone else. This can also be a great way for teaching your kids the values of kindness and sharing.

5. Make a balloon clock

Stick 12 balloons on a wall, placing them in the shape of a clock. Starting from 1 p.m., pop one balloon as each hour passes. You can hang the final (12th) balloon on the ceiling and fill it with sparkles and candies, such that you can welcome the New Year with some extra bling and jazz!

6. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Set-up a fun treasure hunt for your kids right at home. Start by giving them their first clue, that would lead them to their second clue, that in turn would lead to the third and so on till they finally land up at the treasure! For the treasure, you can give them a bag of candy, their favourite superhero`s action figure, jewellery- the possibilities are endless!

7. Make 2021 crowns

Make sparkly and colourful crowns using cut-outs that spell out- “2021”. Creating and wearing the crowns can create healthy anticipation, and help you and the kids to warm-up to the New Year in a fun fashion!

8. Create an in-house “photo wall”

Make New Year selfies worth the occasion by creating your very own “photo wall”. Colour and create funky patterns on some paper charts, stick them together, and your “photo wall” is ready to go!

9. Prepare a sumptuous meal

The New Year`s Eve calls for exceptional treatment of the taste-buds. Turn you little munchkins into cute kitchen assistants (fetching a spoon or giving a swirly stir to the curry!), and together create a magical menu to adorn the special occasion!

10. Have a kids` movie night

Be it a ride on Aladdin`s flying carpet or building snowmen with Elsa! Escape with your child into the fantastic world of a kids` movie. We hope that you enjoyed our ideas. Now go ahead and give your little ones an unforgettable New Year`s Eve!

Happy New Year!


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