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How to make Republic Day Memorable for Kids?

22 January 2021

Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26th January to mark the anniversary of the date on which the Indian Constitution came into effect, which was on 26th January, 1950.

The day is a symbol and a reminder of the dense struggle that our forefathers went through to make India a sovereign nation. It is not only important that our children are made aware of the profundity of this occasion, but also to teach them to fully embrace and cherish their inherited freedom.

So to help you to orchestrate a wholesome celebration of the Republic Day, we have come up with 7 exciting ideas for the same.

1. A “sparkling outline” of the map

Draw out or print the outline of India on an A4 sheet. Then take the liberty to choose from sparkling stars or hearts or any other cute stick-on gems, and place them along the outline. This will be a fun and creative exercise with your little one that will also make him/her appreciate the beauty of our magnificent country.

2. An elaborate meal inspired by our flag colours

It is time to give your children the taste of patriotism! Make a fun and elaborate meal, where you can repeatedly use the Indian flag colours- Saffron, White and Green, in their respective order. As some ideas, you can make- a 3-layered cake in the flag colours, a saffron coloured gravy, placed next to white rice and some green lentils, and finally for salad- carrots, white radish and broccoli.

3. Ice-cream stick flag

Take a few spare ice-cream sticks, and paint some of them Saffron, and some others Green. Leave a few uncoloured. Take the uncoloured sticks, and paste small rectangular cutouts of white paper on top of them. Now paste two saffron and two green sticks on top of the sheet with some gap in between, and draw an Asoka wheel in the gap. And just like that you have your first ice-cream stick flag!

4. Patriotic Karaoke

Play the song and sing along! Do a patriotic jam with your tiny totes! Make a playlist of all patriotic songs, such as “Maa Tujhe Salaam”, “Mere desh ki dharti”, “Nanna Munna Rahi hun”, and do a fun karaoke party.

5. Peacock Art

Give homage to our national bird-Peacock! Draw the head and neck of the peacock on a white A4 Sheet. Then take 2 leaves- one smaller, and the other bigger. Paste the small leaf at the end of the neck of the peacock, and the big leaf, under the small leaf (starting at the centre of the small leaf). Draw two stick like legs, under the small leaf, just before where the big leaf begins. And you have your own leafy peacock!

6. Storytelling Session

Take your children back to the past, and tell them stories of the valiant freedom fighters. Introduce them to riveting personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rani Lakshmi Bai and Subhash Chandra Bose, and in turn inspire them to their own greatness!

7. Cultural Tour

After your tour to the past, bring them back to the beauty of the present, by giving them glimpses of the diverse range of cultures that inhabit our vast and wonderful nation. Show them videos and photos online, and play music from these diverse regions. You can even narrate the various mythical stories arising from these places. India is a symbol of secularism, and irrespective of our diversity, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari- we are one!

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions. You can now go ahead and give your little ones an unforgettable Republic Day! Happy Republic Day to You!

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