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Meaningful Education For A Wholesome Tomorrow For Your Young One: Learning Beyond School

5 October 2020

What really is the purpose of education? And is our current school pedagogy enabled to deliver it?

 J. Krishnamurti, the world-renowned Indian philosopher and religious teacher has said - “Teaching is not the mere imparting of knowledge but the cultivation of an inquiring mind.”

Since a long enough time, it seems like our education system has been a knowledge drilling machine, where children are being tested merely on their “memory”. The focus relies on “Content”, with little light shone on why it is important. In this Google-led living, almost everything that our child learns in school becomes redundant the moment they step out. And then there are the kids who do not find success in our current academic systems. Who have to live with the long-cast shadow of the inaccurate self-image of being a failure in a system that bases itself on very limited and shallow criteria of what is deemed as ideal or intelligent.

In fact, today, neuroscientists and education experts recognize 8 different types of intelligences (Linguistic, Spatial, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal to name a few..). Then why are we still letting our children to rely or be judged only on one?

This really brings to light the question, that - What is the purpose of sending our kids to school? Is it not to inspire them to discover their interests and talents and follow their unique path to success? Is it not to prepare them to be part of the “outer, real” world, and to transform society as a whole? And as adults who have been out playing in this “real” world for a long enough time, haven`t we realized ourselves, that cramming up information is not the way to succeed in life or to gain happiness?

Perhaps there is some merit to school education - learning basic skills and concepts, and being part of a community, therefore giving up on schools entirely may not be what we have in mind. But our kids also need the kind of education that is directed with the genuine purpose to help them build a strong character, to become passionate and self-regulated learners, to discover their own unique gifts, and to inculcate practical skills, all of which together can make for a successful and wholesome future ahead.

Holistic Learning and Where to find it

When we talk about holistic learning, we talk about development in all areas of our life. Along with intellectual growth, we also incorporate emotional and social understanding, physical fitness, creative channeling, and perhaps even spiritual practice. After all, in life we are not engaging with the world only through our intellect. A healthy balanced development of all of the above mentioned domains becomes essential.

The recognition of this need for our kids has led to many out-of-school learning experiences to be drawn out and made available for modern and open-minded parents to consider for their child. Such programs are usually available in online as well as offline models, and are conducted mainly through experiential and play-based learning.

Here are some common components of Holistic Learning:

Intellectual and Cognitive Development

Development of - comprehensive abilities, thinking techniques (logical, creative, abstract, critical), problem-solving abilities, meaning-making abilities.

Emotional Development

Development of - self-comprehension, self-belief, understanding others, empathy, ability to manage emotions.

Social Skill Development

Development of - communicative abilities, cooperation, patience, respect, team-work abilities, negotiation skills.

Motor Skill Development

Development of - bodily balance, coordination, agility, speed, reflexive and reactionary abilities.

Development of Creativity through Art

Development of - imagination, creative thinking and the ability to create something better with what is available.

Development of Technological Skills

Understanding of and hands-on exposure to technology for future-readiness in a world that runs on technology.

One such wonderful platform, that provides opportunities for experiences rooted in holistic growth for children is - The Banyan. It is a popular child day-care franchise that additionally offers scientifically-led and expertly-crafted programs for holistic growth for a 7-13+ age group. They provide a safe and nurturing environment that is sensitive to the unique interests and learning needs of every child that is taken under their wing. They cater to these needs by offering discrete programs in Music, Theatre, Story-telling, Dance, Language, IQ Training, Skating, Pottery and Robotics. They also conduct an Online Summer Camp called Kidzomania that is a one-stop wonder for your child`s holistic growth needs.

You can check them out, here:

We would like to leave you with a closing food for thought through another wholesome quote by Sri J. Krishnamurti. Here it goes,

“The highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole.”

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