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The Modern Day Father- Changing Roles And Responsibilities Of Fathers Over Time

18 June 2021

Fathers have come a long way from their traditional role as the “breadwinner”, and are now a lot more than just that. The modern dad is more proactive, sensitive and engaged with the matters of the upbringing of their children. Let`s see how the role of father has evolved over time.

Years ago no one used to blink twice at the “clueless dad”, the dad who does not know the ABC of parenting and scratches his head at the sight of a diaper. The clueless dad was especially popularized by media, and perhaps many kids and mothers found this representation reenacted at their homes.

However, the changing gender roles in society have given birth to new-age super-dads. These modern fathers make the older version look quite crude. These dads are the nurturers, teachers, therapists, cheerleaders, and overall heroes for their children! If you think about it, then, simply put the modern dad is a wholesome, fully-activated parent.

So let`s now look at some of the ways in which father`s have evolved from their traditional roles to the modern-day dad:

Becoming a Nurturer

Previously fathers were not expected to take care of their children or to spend time with them. Neither were they expected to perform care-giving tasks such as preparing food for the children or helping them with their homework. But now, with shared breadwinning duties, we find fathers and mothers working together in the kitchen, or both taking turns to support their child in their education.

Becoming a Friend

Fathers are now taking increased interest in a child`s personal life and emotional well-being. They spend more time interacting with their children, listening to their problems and giving them advice. They also encourage their children to take up new interests; they pat the children on the back they get something right and liven up their mood if they don`t. A friend is both a therapist and a cheerleader, and kids nowadays are finding a bff in their dads.

Trying to be the best in their role

Many fathers are now practicing fatherhood even before the birth of their child by opting for parental coaching classes or reading parenting books. This goes to show how much interest the modern father takes in his role as a parent in his kids` lives.

Participating in everyday duties

Fathers doing laundry or washing the dishes was unimaginable earlier. From changing diapers to shopping for baby supplies, fathers are now sharing all household responsibilities with the mothers. According to a study done in 2016, between 2013 and 2016, the amount of time spent by dads shopping for groceries rose to 62%. This is not only an indicator of fathers taking up more household responsibility, but also making thoughtful and better-educated shopping decisions.

Becoming a stay-at-home dad

Many households are now opting for having the wife as the sole-breadwinner and letting the husband become the home-maker. As of 2016, stay-at-home dads made up 17 % of all stay-at-home parents, meaning more and more men are now taking up the responsibilities of childcare as well as housekeeping and other forms of planning which were previously solely managed by the wife.

Replacing silence with openness

Fathers are now shedding their stoic, silent and disciplinary image to become more open and friendly with their children. More fathers are now participating in playtime, taking more interest in the kids` hobbies, and even becoming more vulnerable in terms of showing their own emotions to the kids.

We as a society have come a long way where the notion that childcare is solely a mother`s responsibility is transforming rapidly. A survey done by the Pew Research Center in 2015 found out that 57% of dads consider being a parent central to their identity. Out of this 57%, 54% consider parenting to be an all-time reward.

A household where both the mother and the father make equal and balanced contributions to the emotional, nutritional and financial needs of the children is a happy and equity-driven home. On this note we want to wish all the fathers who are willfully helping drive this positive change forward a very Happy Father`s Day.

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