In a quest to explore opportunities in the sphere of Education apart from the Automotive and International trading sector Nitesh Jain ,CEO of Best Entertainment formed a venture with U.S. based Megellan Academies to bring state-of-the-art educational methodology to India and thus the seed of The Banyan was sown.
The banyan tree has always been a symbol of strength. In its shade, village meetings are still held and ‘Gurukul’ academies continue to prosper.

Its branches and roots symbolize the ever-expanding base of our community. Indian scholars have often likened education to this gigantic tree, which sprouts from a tiny seed but spreads over several hundred acres. So, as the human mind develops and matures, it resembles the inverted tree with its root in the cranial nerves and the branches spreading through the body.

The great saint and scholar Swami Vivekananda said: “All knowledge, spiritual and secular, is stored in the human mind, just as a huge banyan tree lies within a tiny seed. The function of a teacher is only to help that seed sprout and grow…” Thus, the name 'Banyan' and our academy engendered.