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The Banyan Philosophy and Values

The Banyan Play Schools and Day Care Centres are cognizant of the fact that Early Childhood is the foundation of life long education. Through a systemic and integrated process of EarlyChildcare Management, The Banyan facilitates each child’s unique journey for holistic development.
What sets us apart!

  • Personalized Care
  • Safe, hygienic and secure environment
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Trained Teachers and Facilitators
  • Multi-stakeholder approach with transparent communication channels.

The Banyan Pedagogy

There is tremendous thought, research and effort which has led to the unique Banyan Pedagogy.It places the child at the centre of a triad where parents, facilitators or teachers and corporate or organizational stakeholders work in tandem to create a fun, exploratory and safe learning environment for the little Banyanites.

Emphasis is laid on a defined structure, yet we are flexible to accommodate individual learning capabilities. Using multiple play-way methods and the right educational tools, children are encouraged to develop early literacy, numeracy, social, motor, aesthetic and creative capabilities.

All days are focused within a broad framework to create happy, self- confident, gentle young kids who are articulate and well aware of their immediate social environment.

Story- telling, role plays, festival celebrations, themes, exploratory and outdoor play, art and craft sessions, logic and reasoning activities are some regular features of The Banyanites daily regimen.

  • The Banyan Benchmarks Compliance to Adult Child Ratios of 1:3 for Infants and 1:5 for Toddlers.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness with thrust on regular sanitization, a child friendly environment and development of early child habits.
  • Trained Teachers with The Banyan ECE Program in partnership with course certified by Advisory Council of TISS, Mumbai.
  • Compliance with Statutory Norms and Regulatory Frameworks.
  • Child friendly curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Committed Team and Management with a vision of being a trusted partner for parents and organizations in delivering quality childcare.

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