We at The Banyan specialize in offering a warm, safe, colorful , attentive and secure care for children of 3 months to 10 years of age with extensive experience in the industry.

Our team of caring professional daycare teachers, nurses and nannies will ensure that your loved one is not only cared for but enable them to grow and develop with highest level of affection and care with latest and modern amenities. We provide age appropriate activities that help the child grow physically, emotionally, and socially. We maintain high standards for all staff and attempt to keep child ratios small to provide for the individualized care each child needs.

Continuous improvement of staff skills and trainings forms an important tool in ensuring the continued high quality of care. Our staff is responsible for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for each age level.


Our Daycare is segregated into:

Infant Daycare-(6 months-1 yr)

When your little one starts the learning journey with us we work with parents to make the transition a smooth and happy time, creating a strong bond and a setting that feels like family.

Professionally trained nurses and teachers look after the infants and their needs with utmost love and affection. Age appropriate meals are provided to them. Mothers are welcome any time of the day to feed their infants.

Toddler Care-(1 year-3 years)

The activities for this age group are built around toddlers' limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.

During this time with us they learn to count, discover writing, music, art and craft and start building towards following simple instructions, writing, and potty. Each day is packed with carefully designed activities.

After School Care(3-10 years)

An array of activities are provided to the children including homework assistance, handwriting development and reading along with other numerous activities both indoor and outdoor to foster creativity and imagination.

Our Daycare Schedule:

Welcome Time

children are welcomed by "Buddy the Mascot" Prayer and attendance Children start their day with shlokas,vedic mantrasa and prayers.Afetr attendance children are all set for a fun filled day of learning through play

Yoga Time

Musical yoga is the relaxation of their busy and mind to enhance their concentration power.

Free Play

Thereare several paly corners .during the free play children make their own choices to play and learn in nan indoor enviornment.Here the child has the freedom abd scope to master skills through trail and error method.

Concept Time

Children are exposed to the concepts related to 'Me and My Environment'.Besides this language skills are adopted in full spontaneity to express better.Mathematical ,logical and conceptual skills are infused through conversation and various teaching aids. Singing time Musical activities boost creative movement and a sense of imagination and encourages rhythm.Musical instruments make this session very interesting.

Snack Time

Children enjoy nutritiously planned fresh organic menu and share these snack time where social and conversational skills are emphasized.

Clean Up Time

This session instills responsibility in children as they participate in cleaning and organising their space.

Sleeping Time

This is the time for children to rest and relax in their own comfortable beds.

Art Time

Art is a way of expressing ideas and feelings in visual forms,children express their creativity with the help of paints ,colours and crayons.

Fun Time

Fun and learning takes place enforcing intellectual development,motor and eye hand coordination outdoor play time time for children to play at the gym,sand pit,splash pool etc.

Refreshing Time

Children freshen up and get ready for the evening.

Story Time

This is the time for children to unwind before going home.They are relaxed and listen while the teacher reads a stry with the help of different aids.

Feedback Time

Parents receive a day end feedback from the teachers.